CLEVAIR Mask - 3 pack

CLEVAIR Mask - 3 pack

99,90 CHFPrix
TVA Incluse

Includes 1 CLEVAIR Purifier Unit with 3 interchangeable and reusable Masks in Black, White, and Dark Blue.

CLEVAIR's advanced Purifier Unit and 6-layer mask remove viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen, allergens, smog, and microorganisms for complete protection. CLEVAIR ventilates CO2 out and replaces it with cool fresh air purified using our ultraviolet sterilization technology.

   • Microorganism and Virus Filtering
   • UV-C Light Sterilization Technology
   • Variable Speed Fan Removes Heat, CO2, and Moisture
   • Interchangeable, Washable and Reusable Masks
   • Quick Recharge with Lightning USB Cable (included)

     Mask colors may vary slightly.

Welcome to CLEVAIR. You may now breathe freely.